Ready to Break Through All Your Barriers and Successfully Learn German?

Find out, how to learn German for real!

The #1 Webinar for German Learners - 11. October 2023

Discover the system to really learn German (or any language).

Find out how to learn new words effectively.

See how Learning German Can be easy!

Learn how to recognize if a course will be good for you.

Discover what could make learning German difficult.

Find out why many German classes and books are hard to understand.

Get YOUR questions regarding learning German answered.

Take this opportuntity to find out how German can be learning German can be effective and fun and find out why you have had trouble (if you did) or how to make sure you will not, if you are just starting out. Learning German is easy, if you know how! 

About Susi Schilk-Blümel

Susi is a passionate teacher who has helped students to learn German for 17 years. She wants to help every one of her students to understand that it does not have to be difficult to learn German and find the joy in doing that, so they will be successful and speak German fast. 

Very experiences, has taught children and adults in private lessons as well as groups for many years

Can explain anything so that it is understood

German native speaker, teacher and tutor of German and English

Love for the language and for teaching

Knows everyone can learn German

The #1 Webinar for German learners

Get the summary of the informations learned in 17 years of teaching experience, so you can fully focus on learning without trouble and with fun.

The #1 Webinar for German learners

Find out why people have troubles learning German.

What is a good ratio of theory and practice.

What is the correct amount of Grammar when you start learning.

How can you practice German, no matter where you live.

Is German really difficult to learn?

How can you work on your German every day.

How can you learn grammar without the rules and the difficult words.

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