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November 29, 2023

German Movies

Watching German movies and TV shows is great to help you learn German. In this guide you will find suitable TV shows and movies with subtitles in your language, so you start using movies to learn right away! This guide was published together with Better German Podcast Episode 14.

Go here for the guide:

Free Guide

Finally a way of finding German movies to Learn

Watching German shows or movies can help you tremendously. It will help you improving your listening comprehension, help you understand faster, get the practical side of the language and so much more. After all, hearing the real language was one of the biggest parts of learning your native language! And it is so much more fun than many other ways of learning, so you should start using this in addition to whatever you have been doing. I am talking about this in Episode 14 of the Better German Podcast.
The interactive German movie guide will help you to find interesting things to watch in German ON YOUR LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING. I suggest to you to start with Advanced Beginners and move to higher levels when you are ready. Use subtitles – ideally in your native language. Don’t worry if you spend a lot of time reading in the beginning. But if you do, maybe you want to watch the movie or episode twice. 


Use the interactive German movie guide


You need to register first to access the interactive movie guide. This is completely free and it will also give you access to all other free materials I have available. Most of them for the Better German Podcast. New things added almost every week. 



To find a movie or show for you, I suggest you to start with the level (intermediate, etc.) or with the platform. You can also choose things like available subtitle language or categories (like documentary, comedy, etc. There are plenty of things in there to choose from more added regularly. 



Hovering over the title will give you a short description and clicking will bring you directly to the movie or show in the platform and you can start right away!

Foto Susanne Schilk-Blümel

von Susanne Schilk-Blümel

I am Susi and was born and raised in Vienna, Austria. I originally trained to be an English teacher and a trainer in the United States, at Applied Scholastics in Missouri. Soon after I started teaching back in Vienna, people were also interested in learning German. So after some time I started teaching German with the same succesful method I already used in teaching English. In the meantime I only teach German online What I want to do on this website is to help as many German learners as possible by giving them information that will enable them to learn German better, motivate them and figure out why they are having troubles.

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