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Here you find all the additional resources for the Better German Podcast. The Better German Podcast has new episode every week and many of them have free additional resources, like worksheets, word lists with translation and translated example sentences and more! 

Podcast Episode 30

To Be in German

The forms of “to be” in German with translations, the words used in the podcast episode for the example sentences, as well as example sentences with translation.

Podcast Episode 20

German Sentences "What is this?" This is ..."

This PDF goes with episode 20 of the Better German Podcast. You will learn how to say “What is this?” “This is a ….” in German. Download this PDF and listen to the episode right away.

Podcast Episode 18

The German Alphabet

Get the PDF to go with the episode on the German alphabet. This will help to learn to say the German alphabet. You will learn all the German names for each letter of the alphabet and the additional letters we have in German. Also you get the entire wordlist with examples for each letter.

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