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Do you want to practice your German skills in a relaxed atmosphere? Feel you need more than just the classes? We are hosting a free German conversation class every last Friday of the month in the Cafe of Hotel Schani close to the Hauptbahnhof in Vienna. PI will help you speak and get more experience in actual conversation in German. I will provide topics, help organize partners and answer your questions. Anyone is welcome and totally bring your friends!

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I am a German teacher from Vienna, Austria and I mainly teach online classes on Zoom. I have been teaching for many years and recently I have started to write articles about different aspects of the German language. My vision is to help many people with easy to understand materials about the German language.

How this Homepage Can Help You

How this Homepage Can Help You

What I Want to do with this Homepage I want to help as many German learners as possible to make progress and improve their learning experience, motivate them to (continue) to learn and if necessary get them progressing again. Teaching Real German In my observation,...


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