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New Self-Paced Courses from Better German

A NeW Way to Learn German

Enjoy the same principles I have used successfully for many years to teach my students in these new online-courses. Little theory, a lot of practice. You will understand everything. No impractical, complicated rules. Focus on real communication from the start!

Complete German

Starting with A1.1 (total beginners) complete German courses. Everything you need to learn to speak, understand, read and write German.


Challenge yourself to make progress regularly. In the challenges you will find 30 lessons about one topic to intensively improve in one area fast.

Specialty Courses

Specialty courses cover subjects like Grammar, Pronunciation, letter-writing and more on a deeper level. Take a deep dive or catch up on a specific subject.

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Course Topics

Course from 0-Pro

Starting with A1.1 (total beginner) and progressing from there.


Learn and practice the correct pronunciation of all letters of German and all letter-combinations with a special pronunciation.

Videos and movies

Learning by watching movies, shows and videos with subtitles.


Improve your German by reading books that are the perfect level for you.


Learn the most important nouns, their gender, plural and use – without boring memorization.

Learn German without over-complications!

Better GErman


In the Better German Academy you find courses using the same principles that I have used for many years with my live students. You can learn in your own pace, repeat and review as needed or go as fast as you can!

What kind of courses are these?

The courses are being done on our online platform. You can login at any time. Each lesson is gives you very clear task what to do. Many lessons have a video to watch. You get different exercises and you will watch, listen, read and write.

How much is a course

Courses have individual prices that you will see very clearly once enrollment is open for the course. Paid courses will start from 39.-

Do you offer a refund if I do not like the course?

Every course has at least one free lesson so you can see how the course material is presented and organized, so you can decide if you like a course. However, if you are still not satisfied there is a period in which you can get a refund. Due to the different lengths of the courses, this period also differs, it is written very clearly for each course though.

Are there free courses?

All courses will have free lessons, so you can get an exact idea what you get. There will also be at least one free course, however the majority of my free content will be found in the Podcast and on YouTube.

Here are some of the questions asked. Your question is not there? Contact me and I will get you an answer.

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