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Learning German is important. But often it is made unnecessarily  complicated. You can learn German easily and with understanding. I offer online classes in small groups. You learn to understand, speak and write German. You won’t have to worry about learn grammar rules, but really learn German. 


The Courses

Online Small Group

Online small group

You are learning German online in a small group. Step by step, no rote learning, a lot of practice, no complicated rules. Everything you learn is being practiced right away, so you can use it later and make fast progress.You get your material lesson by lesson and work through. You can work inside and outside of your class times. You will talk a lot from the start. You will learn how to build sentences correctly without a lot of grammar rules and words. You can start any time, you will learn self paced. Your teacher will work with you and then you will practice by yourself while your teacher works with someone else. The groups are usually 2-3 people only.

Single lessons


You are learning German online with your teacher. We are using the same material as in the group lessons, however the classes are more individual. You want more or less homework, no problem, here we have the full opportunity to fully adjust the classes to your needs. Also specific subjects and topics that are not otherwise covered can be worked on. Generally I encourage people to take group lessons, as there are many advantages, but single lessons can be the only way for scheduling or other reasons. You can also share your single lesson with another person.



group course

Online in a group

As opposed to the small group in this group all students are covering the same materials at the same time. The groups still have a moderate size of 6-8 people and all your questions will still be answered. You will do a lot of partner work and also switch partner, so you get used to talk to different people. 
You will have a double lesson two times a week and do homework for further practice of writing and reading and you will watch videos and listen to specific recordings. 
The next course will start in autumn and will be for beginners with some previous knowledge to intermediate students.


Do you think that learning should be fun?


Do you understand, but is it hard for you to speak?


Don't like to learn words and grammar verbatim?


Do you think that grammar is made too difficult?


Do you hate when the teacher just goes through the materials, no matter if students really get it?


Do you like learning in a small online-group?

... then you have come to the right place

Do a free intro lesson and take the placement exam and start you German adventure!


What my Students are Saying

I had learned German for one year and I could not speak. After two months of training with Susi I started talking with people. I could start working in a job where I speak German. The teacher loves her language and her students and she wants the students to have interest in the language. Thank you for this course.

Diana B.

Deutsch Stufe 1

You are the best teacher! Suddenly I even wrote emails in German!!!
And it looks like they were quite correct!!!
I can deal with German better and better!!

Mädchen mit Pferdeschwanz

Julia B.

Deutsch Stufe 1

Get started!

You can start making progress fast. No matter if you attempted to learn German in the past and ran into trouble, or you just want a fresh start, you can get rolling fast.


Infos about the course 


Class twice a week

90 minutes each time


Interesting Lessons

Lots of variation with new words and “Sentece Patterns”, written exercises, conversation, etc.


You learn German similarly to your native language

First words, then sentences and then conversation – with understanding, but not by learning grammar rules verbatim!


Everything is practiced a lot

You will learn less material, but what you learn is practiced abundantly so you will be able to actually use it in real life.


Easy and fast understanding by using pictures

All new words are presented and learned using pictures.


Individual Programm

You are doing a placement exam and using the information you get an individual program – starting where there are the first gaps in your understanding.


Why Learn German?

Speak With More People

Even though you can probably survive in Austria without speaking German, you will not be able to talk to people in their own language and with a lot of people not at all. You don’t want to miss out talking ot all of them!

Increase Your Job Opportunities

There are some jobs in Austria or other German speaking areas where you can work without knowing German, but generally it will be hard to find a job if you do not speak German. And in any case you will have more opportunities.

More Perspective on Arts & Culture

Learning German will open the possibility to understand much more. German and Austrian movies, theatre, etc. Maybe you will even learn to read German original authors! 

Become a Better Learner

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Business Travel & Communication

If you speak German it is much easier to do business with Austrian or German companies. While you can use translation, being able to speak to people in their own language will give you an edge.

Live in Austria With Confidence

If you live here you will inevitably deal with contracts, government agencies, landlords, etc. You will need German to communicate with them. English is not an official language in Austria.

About Me

My training and years of experience have enabled me to teach you in a way that will make you really understand things and learn easily and with pleasure.

If you really want to learn German (and not just pass an exam) or you want to learn how to be able to learn effectively, then I will help you and you will start making progress fast.

I have also started to write about my experiences in learning and teaching in a blog about the subjects of learning in general, learning German, education and school. This way want to further help you and others to achieve your goals in learning.


I would Love to Help You Learn German

You can learn German easier. In many years of teaching I have learned to help people learn effectively, with fun and understanding. I will also support you on your way to achieve your goal. Contact me and we will talk about it.


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