Online Live German Classes 

Learn real German by an Austrian native speaker in online live classes – either individually or in small groups! Learn to really speak, no more worries about grammar and have all your questions answered in a way you understand. Take the stress out of learning German and start making steady progress towards your goal – to really speak and understand German!


It’s easy

Learn Real German



We will get to know each other (in person if you are in or around Vienna), answer all your question, handle placement and work out a schedule.


Start your lessons

Very soon you will get started on your individual or group lessons. From now on you will constantly improve your German reading, writing, listening and particularly speaking skills.


Enjoy your new skills

You will see your improvement very soon! Talking to people in the supermarket, restaurants or the library will be easier, you will gain confidence and that will motivate you to keep going.

It’s easy

Learn German

German does not have to be super-complicated. You can learn it step by step, no stress, just one thing at a time. You will enjoy your lessons and understand everything and make faster progress than you expected.



Like your native language, you will start with learning new words. And similarly as you did as a child, you will learn them by repeating them and by using them a lot – verbally and in writing. Any you will remember them that way! You will never just memorize a list and forget it shortly after that. 


After words come sentences. Instead of a rule with several big grammar words that you will never remember when you try to speak, you will get a sentence with one or more blanks – a “sentence pattern”. You will learn how to use that until you never have to think to apply it. 


After words and sentences comes conversation or communication. You will speak to someone else in a real communication. And you will do that fast. Focus here is that you actually speak and actually listen and understand someone else. You will start with short and easy communication and in group lessons you will talk to different people for practice. 

German Classes

lesson structure


Typically a lesson can be done in one week


New Words and Sentence Patterns in every lesson


You learn every lesson in your own pace


All Questions are answered

German classes

more infos

I teach the same German language that you can learn in every language school, but I teach it in a different way. I use a combination of a proven method to learn a foreign language and a proven method to overcome troubles when learning.


Practical approach gives fast results.

All parts of language

You will not only learn to read, write and listen, but also to speak.

Reading and Films

You will start reading on level 1 and later watch videos as well.


We use different procedures that are mixed up to keep things interesting.

80% practical

You will spend about 80% of your time using German, so you will really learn the language, not just theoretically.





Who am I

About Me

I have been teaching German and English for almost 17 years.
Even though I had no idea at that time that this would actually turn out to be my profession, I was tutoring a friend the first time when I was 11.
15 years later I got the opportunity to do my education in the United States to be an Instructor and English as a Second Language Teacher.
Since then I have been teaching German and English to adults. And I have also been tutoring English, German and Maths.
I love teaching, It makes my day when a student lights up and understands something. And I like the experience of regularly meeting new people, learning about different cultures and making friends like that.
A few years ago I decided to focus on online teaching, as it gives me and my students bigger freedom regarding location and their schedules. And eventually I can help more people lern German this way.

Better german

Years self-employed Teacher


Better German

Pricing Table

Best Seller

You are so close to learning German

4 Simple Steps To get started

Starting your German course is simple and straightforward. We get to know each other, any questions you might have will be answered, we find your correct level, work out your program and schedule and you are all set!

First meeting

We will meet in person or online and get to know each other, I will tell you about the program and answer any questions. You will do a placement exam if applicable and we will make an appointment for your first lesson. 


Free Private Lesson

The next step is a free private lesson online. If needed I will help you set up everything so we can do it. We will talk about your program and do your first lesson and you will get familiar with the method.

free group lesson

If you are doing group lessons, the next step is a free group lesson you you see the actual learning environment. You will get to know your fellow students. After this lesson you make your final decision to get started

Regular Student

From now on you will learn German regularly. You will learn new words and sentences every week and constantly improve your ability to communicate in German – and you will enjoy it.



“I had learned German for a year and I could not speak. After two months of
training with Susi I started talking with people. I could start working in a job
where I speak German. The teacher loves her language and her students, and she
wants the students to have interest in the language. Thank you for this course.”

Diana B.

“You are the best teacher! Suddenly I even wrote emails in German!!!
And it looks like they were quite correct!!!
I can deal with German better and better!!”

Julia B.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the price?

The price for group lessons or individual lessons include the agreed upon number of weekly lessons and all teaching materials, except for books to read outside the classes (but I will help you pick out suitable books), homework assignments (if you can/want to do).

Do I need extra Materials?

The actual teaching materials are all included. You will get access to everything you need in class by link when you need it. The only extra materials you will need are books to read and movies to watch. It depends which books/movies you chose. There are different options, some or free, most of them are between 3-8 EUR/book to read.

How long does it take to learn German?

It takes most people about 6 months to do one level of my courses. At the end of level 1 my students can talk in shorter sentences about their life and environment. I am working on a more detailed article about this subject that will come up soon. (You can sign up to be notified when it is published).

Do you offer Exams for A2, B1, etc.?

I am not a school that offers exams. I decided not to do that, as there are plenty of places where these exams can be done. I teach students who really want to learn German to use it. However my existing students I will always support if they are preparing for an exam.

How many levels do you offer?

Currently there are 5 levels. Each of them have 18 lessons (units) on average. After the 5 levels there is a grammar course (consisting of 4 parts). There is also a two-part course specifically for writing (that is optional if you need more writing skills or are interested in them). There are further levels planned as well as specialist courses. If there are special things you like, let me know. Also if you sign up for notifications you will receive my surveys about this.

Do I get an Exam after I take a course?

Yes, you will receive a nice certificate after each level. Also upon request you will get a confirmation of your participation with a detailed description, hours, etc.

Do you have conversation classes?

Yes, every last Friday in a month I am offering a conversation class locally in Vienna. When you join my facebook group or sign up for notifications you will be informed about the details. The conversation class is without charge. You can come if you want to get to know me, also if you don’t plan to start a course soon.

Do you offer any other services?

Besides individual and group German classes, I also teach English and tutor English, Maths and German, as well as deliver courses on grammar and learning methods. Other school subjects upon request. You can ask me anytime!

What level (A1 - C2) will I have after your courses?

At the end of Level 1 your language level will typically be A1 (real A1 as it is defined, you will probably pass an exam earlier), end of level 2 will be A2, Level 3 and 4 will usually get you to B1. Level 5 will get you into B2. Note that speed of learning is individual. If you are interested in really learning German, but you also want to the exams I will also help you for your exams. In that case you should also do your writing program. If you just want to (or need to) do a certain exam as fast as possible, I advise you to go to a school specialized in that.

I have questions that are not covered here.

No problem, just drop me a line – you can find all contact possibilities here:

Get started on your new german learning experience now

Whether you are a total beginner or have already started to learn German – I will help you on your way to really learn to communicate in German!

I will make you feel comfortable during your learning experience and take away any fear you might have of speaking! Make an appointment to get started.

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