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right Vocabulary

On beginner levels, easy words are used and the amount of different words used is more when you read a higher leve. Each of the levels of books uses a vocabulary that fits the exact level of your German.



Just like the vocabulary, also grammar is learned step by step. So, in the beginner level courses, the grammar used is what you learned and the higher the level the more different kinds of sentences are introduced.



Every book comes with a glossary of unusual words. Words that are likely new to you are translated to English, so you can look them up right there and expand your vocabulary while still understanding what you read.



There are seven levels of books, starting with “Easy Start” and then levels 1-6. Each level uses real German. “Easy Start” is right for you if you have recently started learning German. Each level has longer stories, bigger vocabulary, longer sentences.



The books are available as physical printed books, and as E-Book, both through Amazon, but also in the Better German Academy. You have all options!


Additional Content

No matter which version, as a registered user you will get additional content: lessons, vocabulary lists, audio file and our special feature where you can get a translation just with a mouse-click.

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Course Topics

Original Stories

Some of the books will be original stories specifically written for the series. They will cover different topics.


Read about different aspects of the German and Austrian culture, history and cities. This way you can practice reading and at the same time learn about this interesting countries.

German Classics

German has a rich literature that is very interesting. Read the simplified versions of German Classics by Schiller, Goethe and others. Maybe this will motivate you to read the original one day?

Kinds of Texts

There will be different kinds of texts available. Dialogues, short stories, articles, etc. We try to mix it up, so things stay interesting and practice your reading skills with all different types of texts.


For some of the books there is an audio track available for registered users. Further your German practicing experience by reading and listening at the same time!

Practice reading German with fun!

Better German Books


The Better German Books offer you a range of books from beginner books to very advanced. Use these books to practice reading, see real German, practice your vocabulary and grammar in an interesting way. Here are a few questions and their answers.

Why graded books?

There are not a lot of books available for German learners and even those that are for “beginners” are very often not taking into account the actual level of the learner. With the help of books in different levels a learner can see what he or she has learned in real German and practice on the right level.

How much is a book?

The prices for the books will vary depending what form you purchase. Regular prices will start at 5.99 with and there will be special prices for subscribers.

Are the books illustrated?

The books are illustrated. Some issues of E-books may be without illustrations, depending on technical possibilities.

Are there free books?

All subscribers will get one book free and will get sample pages of new books when they are published.

What is the additional content?

Every book will have a code for access of all the additional content that is available for this book. Depending on the book this could be lessons about the vocabulary, grammar or subject of the book, audio track, writing lessons, additional information or online version of the book with instant translation of the words on a mouse click.

Here are some of the questions asked. Your question is not there? Contact me and I will get you an answer.

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