Better German Podcast Episode 2 – Reasons to Learn German

September 11, 2023
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Dive into the World of German: Discover the Reasons to Learn This Fascinating Language


In this episode of the Better German podcast, host Susi discusses the reasons why learning German is beneficial. She emphasizes that while living in a German-speaking country may seem like an obvious reason, there are other factors to consider. Speaking German enables deeper communication with locals, enhances cultural experiences, and improves job prospects, especially in Austria where bilingual positions are available. Additionally, learning German opens up opportunities for travel and studying in Austria. Susi highlights the importance of language proficiency for navigating official matters and advises starting language learning early for university studies. Overall, this episode provides valuable insights into the advantages of learning German

Key Points

Primary Topic: Reasons to Learn German

– Living in a German-speaking country
– English-speaking communities in Vienna
– University towns with non-German speaking students
– Enriching communication and social experiences

– Cultural integration and acceptance
– Importance of language in building relationships
– Enhancing communication with native German speakers
– Navigating official matters and legal documents

– Travel and exploration
– Beautiful landscapes and cities in German-speaking countries
– Intermediate German skills for easier navigation
– Dialects and their challenges

– Job opportunities and career advancement
– Importance of German for long-term stay in Austria
– Advantages of being bilingual in job search
– Specific job opportunities requiring German proficiency

– Studying in Austria
– Austria as a university hub
– Bachelor studies mostly offered in German
– High language skill requirement (C1 level)

– Language proficiency levels
– Explanation of different language certificates
– C1 level requirement for university studies

Timecoded Outline

00:00:46 Why you should learn German: 7 reasons
00:05:27 Official business in Germany requires speaking German.
00:07:49 Knowing German enhances travel experience in Austria.
00:12:31 Learn German for better job prospects in Austria.
00:16:09 Take a different approach to learning German.
00:17:44 Learn German with purpose, not just for exams.

Additional Resource

I made a worksheet for you to get what you just heard into application. You can find this downloadable PDF (and future additional resources that I am making for you to help you put what you learned on the podcast in action) in my course platform.
Here you can access these. (This is called a “course” as it lives on my course platform). So if there is any doubt in your mind on whether you are motivated enough to learn German or you are not quite sure how to find it in you, download the worksheet right away and fill it out!

Foto Susanne Schilk-Blümel

von Susanne Schilk-Blümel

I am Susi and was born and raised in Vienna, Austria. I originally trained to be an English teacher and a trainer in the United States, at Applied Scholastics in Missouri. Soon after I started teaching back in Vienna, people were also interested in learning German. So after some time I started teaching German with the same succesful method I already used in teaching English. In the meantime I only teach German online What I want to do on this website is to help as many German learners as possible by giving them information that will enable them to learn German better, motivate them and figure out why they are having troubles.

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