Learn to speak fluent German

Learn to speak fluent German

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Hello, I’m Susi

I grew up in Vienna, Austria and I have been interested in languages from a very early age. 
Originally trained as an English as a Second Langauge teacher in the United States, my goal is now to help all learners of German to learn the language without unnecessary complications.

Learning German does not have to be difficult, feel impossible or hard to manage. I will show you how to learn German and have fun with it while understanding what you do. 

What are you waiting for? Come and join me. 

Better German

Lessons and Materials

Here you find new materials about German, learning German every week. I am publishing a podcast episode every week and regularly I publish materials to download and videos – all of this you find here. Sign up to get informed about new materials and let me know what you need as well!

PDF Download German Word List Family

PDF Download German Word List Family

Free PDF with a German Word List about Family. All Words with German articles and translation to English. Also an illustration for every word. As mentioned in the Better German Podcast Episode 38.

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